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When Do You Write by Hand?

It seems today that we live our lives in a computer. Who writes any more?

Stationary is it's own industry with products sold in almost every store. For every movie out there, there is it's own merchandise that goes with it.

They have taken teaching cursive out of schools, which could be the start of how writing things down is going out of style. Yes cursive is an art like calligraphy that isn't part of today's society but still exists. I remember how important it seems in school that I learn cursive but I never used it after learning it. I'm sure I could still use cursive if I wanted to, but I find that I tend to not write things down, I can type faster and get it all done quicker.

Is there a time that I do write things down? Sure, when I can't be on my phone for example, when I am at work. I find that there is no privacy when writing things down and you do not know what others will do with all of your information if they do find it.

I recently saw a few videos online where people actually purchased someones journals that they had kept. These journals were most likely from an estate sale that the original purchaser did not want. Is there really a market for selling our journals that have been kept?

If you kept a journal or journals would you sell them? Would you destroy them? If you were to destroy them how would you do so? Rip them up? Throw in the garbage verses putting them in the recycling bin? Try and sell them online to someone? Would you burn them?

I do find that sometimes writing things down does help commit it to memory but is it worth it if I keep a notebook around for a few years (when you know it will take a few years to fill up)? Stationary is always changing and involving to make me want to buy more when I know I do not need to. (Shopping can be hard!)

How often do you write things down? Do you think it is worth it to have stationary around? Do you keep a journal or diary? What do you find that is useful to do?

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