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Working Remotely

There is always pro's and con's to any position that is out there. Is working remotely no matter the 'term's that you have your remote position would you take it? Would you want to work remotely?

I think that working remotely would be a great thing to do in my life. No I haven't found a position where I do work remotely but I have done things similar to it in the past. I know I can get the work done and commit to that kind of life style. I know that I would get out of the house and work and still stay socialized. Working from home, cottage, friends house or even some where that isn't where I call home now would be fine. I find that I just have that type of personality where I can just be cut off from a lot of things and be ok with it.

Some of the pros for working remotely could be:

1. You are always on your own schedule

2. You do not have to always wake up to an alarm clock

3. You can always go out and run earns when it suites you

4. You always have the time to do switch your life around at a moments notice to better balance your personal and work life

5. You have more time to see what is all going on and gain more perspective and change it.

Some of the cons for working remotely could be:

1. Cut off from society

2. There is always some sort of other things you could be doing at home

3. Always having to find new contracts to be working on

4. The perspective that you are available 24/7 for both work and family

5. You just have to buckle down and get things done.

There is always pros and cons to what ever position that you do have. There is always going to be things to purchase, vacations or trips to go on. Things, places and people to see and you need to balance everything out. At the end of the day you need to do you and live your best life.

Would you want to work remoetly? What are the conditions that you would want? Is there something out there that you would like to be doing? What is the best position that you would see as being the perfect or best position?

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