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Do You Have a Job?

A job can be defined as many different things. A job could be in any industry or working from home. I know that being a parent is a job within itself. A job can be what defines you as a person. A career is also a job as well. Do you think the time when you start a position and you are there until you retire is over? How many jobs or positions that you is to much? Working for how many companies is to many? Would you consider working many different positions in one company a change in what you do? Would you consider working as a waiter/waitress a 'real job over being a cook or manager of the restaurant? Do you think there is an age limit on working at a place that serves coffee before it means that you have messed up in life? Is working in fast food a 'real job'? What do you consider to be a real job versus the kind of job that you should be working? Should you want a job versus a career?

Everyone needs money to live. We all have a different outlook on what we think what we should be doing in our life. Some work simply to stay in school and are a forever student. Working in hospitality can have many benefits for those who want to work in that industry.

Would you rather be happy in your job or be getting the wealth from the position to get what you want in life, i.e. gadgets, vacations, things in life that make it better (what ever that may be).

Working is something that can also define who you are.

If you could work from home would you? Do you think you could be more productive working from home, for yourself or do you need the more structured style of a position where you need to be at a certain place for a certain time 5 days a week? Do you think that there is more productiveity if you worked 4 days of 10 or 6 days of 5?

How much job flexibility is to much job flexibility? Would you work better if you had more or less job flexibility? Would you work better if you worked from home part-time or certain days of the week or even half the day in the office and half at home?

If you could choose every aspect of your position, would you? Have you done that already?

Is there such a thing as the perfect job? If you could not work would you? If you didn't need to worry about money would you still work? Is money no object? Would you rather have just enough money to survive or more money then you know what to do with, would you still fine a job and work? Would you work full or part time if you didn't need to worry about money? Is money everything? Is money what defines you as a human person?

What does a job mean to you?

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