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Have you ever been unemployed?

Have you ever been unemployed? Was it by choice? Did the position not match your values?

It doesn't matter the reason as to why you have been unemployed, all that matters is that you find yourself another position to replace it.

Are you someone who would like to work for yourself, work from home or outside the home for someone else? How do you best function best as a worker?

If you have been unemployed before, how long did it take you to find your next position? How did you find your next position? Have you ever networked and received a position that way?

I have been unemployed before and I do have a routine that I do to help stay on track.

Over the first couple of days I get all of those chores and things that I've been wanting to do done and out of the way. With all of that out of the way, I take the time and go over my resume and cover letter. If needed I will go to work shops and use resources that I have available to be to look my resume and cover letter over. I will also make arrangements to do mock interviews to better help me present myself in the future.

Networking and getting information from multiple different areas can help you a lot. Yes, there will be somethings out there that will not be beneficial to you and hopefully you do not need to stay for the whole thing if it doesn't benefit you. Ask your friends and family or really everyone you know questions, you are smart but may not think of everything or do something that you may not think of that could be a really great idea to do or say in an interview. Others may know of a position that may be available that you do not know about that could be beneficial to you. There could also be events out there that could help with network as well or other information that you may not think about. Networking is key.

Being unemployed isn't the most ideal situation out there but does bring perspective and could help out in the future. Never get down on yourself and take what you have learned into the future.

Unemployment never last forever and do take advantage of your time off!

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