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Should Video Games Be Considered a Sport?

Should video games be considered a sport? It is competitive that requires quick reflexes. There are many different modes and challenges that you can do to make it more of a challenge. You can play on line or off line if you wanted to play with other people. It does not require any physical activity as you are just sitting in a chair but there is a mental part of it.

E-Sports is becoming ever more popular with cash prizes and more. You could most likely travel and get sponsorships for playing video games. Do you think that all competitions should come with a cash prize or should the cash value and the recognition for that even be enough?

What really makes a sport considered to be a sport? Is it more of the physical attributes and the mental acuity or just one or the other? Like most of anything video games do require some skill to be able to do and you do need to stick with it to play until the end.

People already spend money and time to go to places where they are casting or playing video games in a stadium. It may be something that I would not do but I do know some people who have done that.

If you were at a sports bar would you want one of their TV's to be playing video games? Would you leave? What would be your reaction to video games being on at a bar or restaurant? Is there a market to have a place, bar or restaurant that played video games all the time. You/they would host events that would solely play video games and have the play decked out to host this type of event. There could be board and card games there to help entertain as well.

Is the market for E-Sports really exist? Is it the way of the future? Is it something that we need? Is it something that it is just right now, or does it have a future? Like many sports as a player it is not something you can do for your entire life but you can do things with it be and still be involved. For example you may not be able to play the game for the rest of your life but you can coach, private training, physical therapy or marketing for the company. Is it something that you want to be a part of? Is it something that you think is just a temporary fad?

Whether you consider it to be a sport or not would you pay to go somewhere and view it? Do you think that there is a real market for video games? Do you think that it is a fad or not? Do you watch videos of people playing video games on line? Would you want to watch people playing video games? What are your opinions of people who stream video games? What do you think of people who make money playing video games? Are video games a sport? Should video games be considered a sport?

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