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Today's Dippit!

Quote of the Day

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."

-Henry Ford

Writing Prompt of the Day

What Would Your Personal Mascot Be?

Joke of the Day

“Name me five different animals, Johnny.”

“The dog, the dog’s brother, the dog’s sister, the dog’s cousin and the dog’s aunt.”

Day's Conversation Starter

If someone gave you an envelope with your death date inside of it, would you open it?

Top Fun Fact

In Svalbard, a remote Norwegian island, it is illegal to die because bodies are unable to be buried safely due to the permafrost on the ground. If you are about to die, they fly you back to mainland Norway to pass on there.

History Fact

In 1943, the Nazis also made a film called Titanic. The film was an anti-British propaganda piece about the famous shipwreck, blaming American-style capitalism for the disaster. The RAF bombed the theater it was to be premiered in the night before the film opened, but it was well-received when it eventually premiered elsewhere.

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