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Are You a Hoarder or a Minimalist?

Are you a hoarder or a minimalist? Do you routinely go through your things and get rid of them? How long do you keep things before you throw them out? Do you just don't keep anything? How much stuff is to much stuff? Is there a time limit on the things that you keep?

I personally have a few items that I have been holding on to that I know that I will not use in the future but they do represent a part of me in the past. I will not forget that these things happened and I have never opened these books since then but I still hang on to them. I am not sure why but I do. If I donate them some one else could get use out of it but I know that I will never look at these books. If I choose to take these courses again I know that I will be given an updated book to do with the course. I haven't decided whether not to get rid of them but I know that eventually I will. Does this make me a hoarder?

Minimalism definitely has taken a bigger trend over the last little while. It does make moving a lot easier. Do you think its easier to get rid of things when you move and are unpacking? Is having a packing party right idea for you?

(A packing party is where you pack up all of your things, in six months everything that is still left in the boxes are things that you do not use or need, therefore are safe for you to donate. Which is easy due to everything already in boxes!)

Hoarding can have it's own difficulties. It becomes hard for your loved ones to visit or to get rid of the things that you have when you pass. When you pass nothing becomes important due to it 'all important things that the true important things may get lost in all of the confusion. I always wondered about mold, dead rodents and other wild life as well as hygiene with homes that have hoarders living in them.

There is always the extremeness of minimalism that you are constantly having to repurchase the things that you through out or taking a step back then what you had and having to lived in the 1800's.

Does what happens to your possessions after you pass away affect our decisions on things? What factors goes into your decision making when you purchase things? Do you consider anything in particular when you purchase things? Is it better to save money then to spend it? Is it better to keep things or give them away? How often do you take things to the charity shops for donations? Do you donate things as well as sell things on line or at a garage sales?

Whether you are a hoarder or a minimalist, live your life! Do you what you think is the best idea for you. You don't want to get rid of anyting and regret it later but don't let regret get in the way you of you creating more room in your life!

It is your life and you are in charge, you hold the power in your own two hands to make all the changes that you want to be making.

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