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How Much Self-Control Do You Have?

How much self-control do you have? How much self is really in self-control? Is there to much self-control?

Are you some one who can have a bunch of junk food around and not eat it? How long does it take you to eat a sweet snack? How long does it take you to eat your holiday snacks? Does it take you awhile to eat your junk food that it expires and you need to throw it out?

Is self-control just more then control over food? In life are you able to control your temper or your emotions more then others? How emotionally intelligent are you? Do you have self control over your behaviour? Are you so in control that you have the ability to anticipate many things in life? Are you aware of everything around you? Are you able to not purchase thongs or to wait and to come back and purchase it later? Has the world become to easily accessible where you can get everything on line at your finger tips that it has become to hard to get anything that you want as fast as you want it to come that it is becoming a problem?

Are you so much in control that you find it hard to let go? Are you a perfectionist? Are you able to get into any situation and be able to handle it? How composed are you at any time of day? If you are in control at all times how do you let if go?

Self-control is needed in life but as is everything else balance is the key to everything. It's easy to sway to much to one side or the other but it's about getting back into the middle, in my opinion that is the key of it. Balance does require self-control to be able to do it. How often do you need the reset?

Life can get complicated at times and it may not be easy to get back to center. How often do you need to hold back from everything?

Self-control is something that is worth trying out. Challenge yourself in different areas so you know what you are fully capable of. Knowing yourself is key. Try some self-control in different area's where ever you can!

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