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How to Get a Job...?


These things are things that I have done and have worked for me but may not necessarily work for you. Do your research see what works for you and what doesn't. It is all trial and error. Don't stop trying. It's not that you fall it's that you get back up again and you keep trying.

This is just a guide line. You can take more or less time on the things that I suggest. Each day is different, treat it as such. Take at least 1 hour a day to work on your job search. You can break it up during the day, why not you really have all day! Small amounts of time can make it seem not so daunting, but you do have to do something about your situation or else nothing will actually happen.

Consistency is key.

Day 1

  • Take the day off

  • Get some drinks!

Day 2

  • Get all chores out of the way

  • Laundry

  • Dishes

  • Clean the bathroom

  • Do a deep clean on the house

Once you have all the chores and everything out of the way, desecration are a lot less you can be more focused on the task at hand.

Day 3

  • Work & polish your cover letters and resume's

  • Can ask for help from some agencies that are there to help with cover letter and resumes

  • Write a 'selling' paragraph about your self

  • If you were in an elevator or only had 2 to 5 minutes to sell yourself to your future employer what would you say?

  • Get stereotypical interview questions and answer them with specific answers

  • Coming up with examples before hand can help when you are actually in the seat for an interview

Day 4

  1. Do your research

  2. Placement agencies

  3. Resources you have at your disposal

  4. Work shops

  5. Networking

  6. Local/non local

  7. Online

  8. Email people with what you are looking for

  9. Local library

  10. Resources centers that are specially there to help you looking for work

  11. They may have resume/cover letter help

  12. Internship/volunteering

  13. Listen to the radio or podcast for idea's

  14. Their descriptions and/or websites may have listings

  15. Go on to social media for idea's

  16. Local tourism may have some job offers/work shops or networking ideas

  17. Want to find what you want to do without out spending to much money on

  18. Resume paper/envelope (weighted paper)

  19. Postage

  20. Printer ink/printer

  21. Printing somewhere local

  22. Library

  23. UPS stores

  24. Corner stores (Circle K (Mac's))

  25. Donations for networking events

Day 5

  • Pin point exactly what you would like to do as a job

  • Think about the different job sectors there are (retail, fast food, fine dining, over night work, hotels, front desk staff)

  • Have different cover letters for each different sector that you would like to apply to

  • Call/email places to get signed up to

  • Some placement agencies

  • Networking events

  • Work shops

  • Resume & cover letter help

  • Do a mock interview with someone that you know or aquantence

  • Get friends and family to help out with you

  • Pick out an interview outfit. This will be the outfit that you will wear to all of your interviews

  • Think about hair

  • Be well groomed

  • Remember to brush your teeth before going

Day 6- Until you have the position desired

  • Start applying to jobs (aim to apply to at least 5 positions)

  • Work on marketing yourself through

  • Social media

  • Business cards

  • Mailers

  • Flyers

  • mailers

  • Work on your resume and conver letter and see what is working and what isn't

  • Read over each job description in full detail before applying to it

  • If you take public transit make sure you are not applying to positions that are unrealstic the public transit schedules.

  • Before you do the interview or start the job, take public transit to the job location to make sure you can do it

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