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How Do You Express Yourself Creatively?

There is so many different ways to express yourself creatively, through your clothes, shoes, hair, and accessories to name a few but there is always things that you can put around your living area, and items that you have. You can be creative with the things that you do as well, like crafts, or cooking.

Do you look for idea's to be creative either about your self or your home or even the things that you already own online? How often do you look online for idea's and actually do them? How often do these idea's actually work out? Do you got some good 'life hacks' to add or have value to add?

How you express yourself can be quite challenging for some people. Do you think it is more important to express your self when you leave the house or the house that you live in?

Expression is something that is very different and important to each individual person.

How important is it to you that you express yourself in the best way possible? How creative are you? Do you create things to put on your person? How do you get creative? How do you get inspired? How much online research do you do about the things that you end up doing? Do you sell your creations on line? Do you purchase other people's creative items?

Expression is different for everyone. Creative expression is different for everyone as well.

You can express your self in many different ways, here are a few suggestions:

1. Dance like no one is watching

2. Paint your feelings

3. Draw what you see

4. Sing like you would in the car

5. Try out a new or different exercise

6. Brainstorm different ideas or trends that are happening

7. Role play

8. Try something new

9. Do something different

10. Do a craft

11. DIY something

12. Colour

13. Play music

14. Plan an event

15. Write a story

16. Write a poem

17. Write a letter

18. Keep a journal/diary

19. Get into photography

20. Visit a museum or gallery

21. Take an class

22. Read a book

There are many different ways that you can express yourself. What do you find the easiest or best way to express yourself? Is expression something that you value or think is necessary? How much creativity is there in creative expression?

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