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Do Apps Help You or Just Waste Your Time?

Do you find applications really do help you in your everyday life or do they just waste your time?

There has been a few occasions, (OK lets be honest a lot of occasions) when an app was wasted my time. Yes, there are times when I am looking to have that app waste my time, but I almost usually end up thinking why was I wasting my time playing this on my phone when I have all these other hand held games that I can be playing with better graphics and are a lot more fun then this game? A lot of games that are on my phone I have had to delete due to the ad's that come with it. I do not wish to purchase games for my phone, like I mentioned I have other hand held gaming devices to do that with plus actual gaming consoles that well frankly don't come with ad's period.

But I guess that is what makes it easier for me, that I can download a game the delete it more conveniently from my phone or gaming device. This does make things a whole lot easier I believe for people in general. You can definitely try out different things and see if they are useful for you are not. There are some many apps that generally do the same thing you really do have to do your research and see what really does work for you.

There has been a few games or apps that have been very helpful in what I am doing in my life but I find that over time they are less then to be desired or I just forget that I have it on my phone. If it isn't on my home screen then does it really exist?

There are apps that do help me out in my personal life I do not want to be misleading but I do do a digit clean up more often then what I would like to admit just to see what is useful for me and what isn't. I don't always delete it off the phone all together just off of a main scene, but if I don't end up putting it back then I know that is a waste for me. Ultimately it really doesn't take that long to reinstall and sign in if I end up needing it again.

What do you find to be useful? Do you do a digital clean up on your phone? Are you interested in doing a clean up but just don't bother? What are your pro's and con's of having apps on your phone that you do not use or need? Do you mind the ad's or is that why you purchase the game? Do you have other hand held devices with games on it? Do you use these other hand held devices on a regular basis? Do you find that apps waste or boost your time? What are some of your favourite apps to have? Which apps do you find that you delete and reinstall the most?

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