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How much does FOMO affect your life?

How much does FOMO (fear of missing out) affect your life? Does it really matter? Is there always another time? Does it make you more glued to your phone? How much are you really missing out on?

The fear of missing out effects everyone differently I think that it is hard to say. Personally when I was growing up I wasn't allowed to do much, I just knew that I had to miss out on everything. As a parent I do know that you want your kids to hang out with the best kids which does not include all of them but should you let your kid hang out with them anyway? I did end up missing out on a lot which could be why I would rather be alone doing my own thing then to have a lot of people around. I resent most of the time people being here at my house and get more out of being alone doing my own thing.

At the end of the day what really matters? Is it the one who has the memories that matter? Is it the time that you spend out of your house and doing other things that really matter? Is it not just sitting around in your home doing nothing?

What if you are that person who never gets invited out? Should you be making your own events or fun? If you happen to be one of these types of people, remember that people do tend to play things up to make you feel that you have missed out on something even though you haven't.

Yes, there is always next time but this time could be the time that everyone ends up talking about.

FOMO shouldn't make you wonder what if and just make you go out to all the events or create them just to create them but experiences do matter. Take the time out to do things should be what really matters the most. FOMO shouldn't make you more attached to your phone or computer or even the news feed. Don't believe everything that you hear or even read for that matter.

Do not let the fear of missing out make you stop living your life. Go on and get out there and do something!

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