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How distracting do you find TV to be?

How distracting do you find TV to be? Do you think that watching TV can be like scrolling through the internet or social media, that you just sit done to watch an episode or two then a few hours later you realize that you actually had better things that you could have been doing? Or even that you had planned to do other things?

It does happen to the best of us. We set out with good intentions but we do get distracted. TV is time consuming, even if you stream it with no ad's or commercials, it does take up a good portion of your time.

Are you amazed at those individual's who don't watch a lot of TV? I sometimes am. I often wonder what they are doing with their time. Are they lying? Do they read? Do they have a side hustle or business to run? What ever the case maybe I do want to know.

Watching TV is a great past time but I often go to bed to night wishing or knowing that I wanted to be doing something else. Not sure what but I do wish I was doing something other then watching TV. Some times it is that I haven't clearing defined what it is that I want to be doing in comparison to watching TV, if I do not have a good plan of action to get myself to do something different, maybe that is the difference.

Do you find that parent's these day's use the TV as a distraction or "babysitter"? Do you think the TV should be used as a punishment? Not all kids are entertained by the TV, especially for long periods of time, having the TV around for them could be almost useless. Spending time with kids is more important anyways right?

A potential task that I could be doing other then watching TV could be starting then doing a side hustle. I would just need to brain storm what I could be doing It would have to fit into my already current schedule, and wouldn't feel like I am doing something extra or draining. Reading, crafting (which I can sell on line as well), playing games that are not on my phone or even listening to music are also good alternatives to watching TV. There is always pro's and con's to everything. Sometimes you just need the day off to relaxed and not think for yourself right?

What ever the case maybe, what do you find to be the best way to distract yourself from watching to much TV? Do you think you watch to much TV? Do you find the TV to be distracting at all? Do you have someone in your life that you find watches to much TV? Do you often compare your TV time to someone else in your life?

At the end of your day I hope you do feel that have spent your time well and not distracted by TV. I do hope that your day's are well spent.

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