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Is the TV to much of a distraction?

Is the TV to much of a distraction? What is the first thing that you do in the morning? Is it check your phone or turn on the TV?

Studies suggest that due to the blue light that is in in your screens that for at least 2 hours before you go to bed at night that you should turn off all screens for the most optimal best sleep that you need. They also suggest that doing to bed at the same time every night (including weekends). Does sleep really matter that much? Do you turn the TV off?

Does the TV prevent you from living your best life? Do you need help turning off the TV? Do you ever find that having the TV on makes things worse for you? Does TV ever hold you back from doing what you would normally do in life if you were not watching it? Do you have a TV in your bedroom? What screens, if any, do you allow in your bedroom?

Sometimes in life we do need a distraction but when does the distraction become to much? If you were not watching TV what would you be doing instead? Reading a book? Playing a video games? Going out for a walk? Doing something crafty? What you you may be doing instead of watching TV maybe you should be challenging yourself to do it.

It seems today that a lot of people who stream on line are all about the challenges. Some of these challenges are 30 day challenges. I am not saying do a 30 day challenge but I suggest that you turn a 1 day challenge into a 2 day challenge and continue on from there and see how far you can make it.

Sometimes with today's technological success it is easy to get distracted by all of the glitz and glamour of it all but sometimes may some down time with out the technology is all that we need.

What are your thoughts, do you think the TV is to much of a distraction for you or someone that you are close to?

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