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Do You Worry About the Lack of Anonymity in the Digital Age?

Do you worry about the anonymity online? Do you have an online persona? Do you worry about what others or kids put on the computer? Have you ever seen something that was posted online that you didn't agree with? Have you ever posted something online that you wish you hadn't?

Have you ever been online and can relate or identify the person in real life? Do you ever worry that someone will come up to you in real life and start to ask you about thins you have posted online?

There is some much you can do online and you can have as many handles that you would like, privacy is something that I believe most people value but do you take your privacy seriously?

Being off-line these days seems more of a thing then being plugged in. Do you find that you need to get away and to the country side to be able to really be unplugged? Or do you just need to be taken out of your routine to be able to be unplugged?

How fake are you online? Do you think you need to be another person when you are online? Do you post things online that you would never say in real life and how often do you think this happens?

Do you really want to be a different person and think that being online is the real way to do it? Do you ever worry that someone will go out of their way and fine you? If someone where to send you gifts what would you do with it?

If you were uploading videos of yourself online would you want people to approach you in public? Would you want people to send you things? Would you want sponsorship? Would you do the sponsorship? Do you worry about those you do post things online? Do you ever worry about the privacy or lack there of of those who post online?

Whether you present yourself differently online or not, do you every worry about what is online and how people are perceiving it? Do your best to be safe online!

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