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What Would You Put in Your Emergency ‘Go-Bag’?

What would you put in your emergency go bag? Do you thinking having one is a good idea? Do you have one prepared already? What would you grab if you had to get out quick? Would you grab anything that would be suggested in your stereotypical grab bags? How much of your go bag would not be electronics? Would there be a difference between what you would grab if you had a few minutes verses a few hours? Would you grab anything or just get out as fast as you could?

Everyone is different therefore everyone would grab something different. Water and a first aid kit wouldn't be on my first things to grab. I would definitely try and get all of my electronics out. I do think that with electronics, it would make things slightly easier to get things back to a sense of normal. I think that I would be in such a rush that I wouldn't grab the right bag or the biggest one that I have. I would definitely grab things that are not as important as other things that I do have.

If you had to live out of one bag doesn't matter the size of the bag would you be able to live out of it? For how long do you think that you would be able to live out of that bag? If you would be able to get everything that you needed in life into a bag? What would you do in an emergency? Would you just worry about yourself getting out as well as your significant others as well your kids and pets?

Would you handle an emergency situation well? Emergencies do cause panic in life but should we be prepared for it? How much is to much preparedness? Would you be able to get back to a sense of normal if you could?

As I do get older I do believe that my emergency go bag does change. Ultimately, I do have an emergency car kit it needed. I do not have a bag ready to go in a fire situation or any other situation. I do beleive that if needed I would try my best to get my emergency go bag filled with everything that is needed (I hope) that the situation calls for.

I do hope that no one will ever need one. Stay happy and safe.

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