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What Are Your TV Habits?

What are your TV habits? Do you watch TV? Do you find that TV is a problem? Do you know people where TV is a problem for them? Do you even own a TV? How many TV services do you subscribe or purchase? Do you think that TV is necessary for living an every day type of life? If needed would you get rid of your TV now? How much time do you spend per day watching TV? Do you think that TV is an addiction? Can TV be addictive? If your TV broke down and you had very little money would you choose to find the money to replace the TV or spend it on something more practical (if you find the TV to be practical then fine)?

TV is a wonderful pass time but it does make me think about all those times from yesteryear when people didn't have the TV or necessarily watch it was much and what they would do. They had the same amount of time in their day but what would they honestly end up doing? TV does play a role in our society but so does doing other things in life. If you were not watching TV what would you be doing?

Have you ever wasted to much time in front of the TV that you hadn't gotten actually things done in your or life or just completely lost all ambition to do what you needed to do in your life?

How late have your stayed up to watch TV? If you haven't watched TV that day due to other activities do you go out of your way to make sure that you do watch some TV?

Do you find that your TV habits are pretty a typical? Do you think that you need to watch less TV? If you could would you watch more TV? Do you think you watch quality TV? Do you watch more TV due having to share it with your partner or child and end up watching more TV so you can get all of your TV watching in? Do you habits need to get under control?

What ever your TV watching habits are, may you life a happy and forfilled life!

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