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Today's Dippit!

Quote of the Day

"Self-knowledge is the first step to maturity."

Jane Austen

Writing Prompt of the Day

What Are the Best Things You’ve Watched, Read, Heard or Played This Year?

Joke of the Day

How do you fix a broken tomato?

With tomato paste.

Day's Conversation Starter

Who in your life brings you the most joy?

Top Fun Fact

The United States Navy has started using Xbox controllers for their periscopes.

You read that right – because the control stick for periscopes is so complicated, using Xbox controllers reduces the learning time from hours to minutes.

Another bonus: Xbox controllers cost $37,980 less!

History Fact

Women Were Once Banned from Smoking in Public

In 1908, New Yorker Katie Mulcahey was arrested for striking a match against a wall and lighting a cigarette with it. Why? Because this was a violation of The Sullivan Ordinance, a city law banning women (and only women!) from smoking in public. During her hearing at the district court, Mulcahey argued about her rights to smoke cigarettes in public. She was fined $5.00. Two weeks later, The Sullivan Ordinance was vetoed by New York City's mayor.

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