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Living & Travelling Abroad

What would it be like to live abroad or just to travel? How what it be like to work and be abroad and or travelling at the same time? Where would you live? Where would you travel to? How long would you stay in one place for? How long is to long to stay in one place? Would you want to have a ‘home base’? How long would want to be living abroad or traveling? Do you have a profession like a photographer, videographer, graphic designer or social media account manager that could be done just about anywhere you wanted? What would your job be? What types of positions can you have or do while living abroad or travelling? What sites would you be wanting to go see? Are you interested in the ‘tourist-y’ sites or the sites ‘off the beaten path’? Would you want to see both? Would you make sure you say everything in due time that you would adjust your plans in order to do so? Would you risk staying longer in one area, readjusting your travel plans to potentially miss out on something some where else? Would you ever go back somewhere? Is travel ever a ‘one stop shop’?

How would you get there? How would you travel? Would you drive, take a boat or plane? Would you hike or portage? Would you take a train? How long is to long to take these types of transportation? Are there methods of transportation that I have forgotten that you can take?

If you drove, would you take a RV, Camper or just a vehicle? Would you modify the vehicle in some fashion before leaving?

What type of luggage would you have and bring with you? How much luggage is to much luggage to bring with you? Would a suite case be ok or possible a backpack? Space saving bags and compartments are an idea as well. Would you have a bag just for electronics?

On your travels would keep sake's or experiences be worth more? Would you mail things back to yourself or to family?

Living abroad or having the more moped type of like would be awesome for some time for me but I do think that I would eventually want to come back home and rejoin the ‘9-5’ life. I do have a certain expectation that I would want to be making a certain amount of money each month to support myself, it would be less then what I am making now at the 9-5 but after years of saving it would be worth it. Travel is something that everyone should do but not everyone gets to do in their lives unfortunately. There is no time like the present as they say.

I do see myself working past the retirement age of 65 years old but only to keep myself active and out of the house. There is nothing worse than just sitting and waiting for life to take you. Life could take you at any moment, but I certainly wouldn’t want to encourage it by any mean either.

Do you think that putting yourself out there and doing new things, pushing your limits, things that scare or even intimidate you are the only way you grow as a human being? Is this also the way to personal enlightenment as well?

Is there more to life then the ‘everyday rustics’?

Are you one of those who must go out, travel or be on the scenes on the weekend? Are you simply just working for the weekend?

Is there more to life then working or travelling?

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