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What does being an economical eater mean to you?

What does being an economical eater mean to you? I find that there is so many different ways that you can interpret this.

Does it mean that you don't eat out? Only buy food that you know that you will eat? Eat the food the you have purchased even though you know that you don't like it? Don't go out and purchase more groceries until your kitchen is bear? Finish everything that is on your plate? That you don't eat meat? You are a vegetarian or a vegan? You don't spending money on snack? You only spend money on meals? You spending your money on 'whole foods'? You never buy a cup of coffee? Sweets and treats are not for you?

What ever it means to you, what really does it mean?

I prefer it mean that you don't ever go out to eat, try and eat all meals at home. I also try to cook with everything in our cupboards. If I know that we are not going to use something, it has been there for an awe fully long time or it is part of a meal (where I need to get more groceries just to finish off this meal) then I sometimes donate that food item to charity or to my friends who I know will eat it faster then I will. When I do go out to eat I try and eat everything that is on my plate as well. Limit the waste that we do have.

Do you think that spending money on going out to eat is a waste of money? Do you think fast food is a waste and prefer a sit down restaurant?

I tend to think that fast food combos are a waste. The fountain drinks are over prices and the general value isn't there. Ultimately what you are getting is what you want, the main I find is the filing enough that I do not need to keep eating.

Wasting of food happens all the time. If I had a composting area where I live, I would totally use it, it would definitely cut down on our garbage a bit and would be helping the environment. Composting is something that I believe is very economical. It allows you to see what you are physically eating and not eating so you can fine tune what you purchase at the stores and feed yourself and family. Food waste I think is a big issue. Now, I don't know all of the find tune things about composting and it's harmful affects, if any, but I would like to look into whether a city could take their compost and put it into a field and grow crops from it to be able to see if you can grow crow from compost. It would hopefully at some point, it if worked, produce a profit for the city that the city can put back into inforstructure.

Whatever your oponion may be on what is an actual economical eater, make it your own and stick with it.

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