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Do you have a life calling?

What is your life? Do you ever judge other people for the lives that they live? Do you live your live-in fear of FOMO? Do you think that the only way to live your life is to have money? Is money really everything in life? Could money help you in the life that you want to have for yourself? Is a good life one that has a lot of travel in it? Do you have an idea have what your life should be like? What is your most ideal life? What could you do now to make your life better? Do you wish that you could be doing something different? If your life were to go the way that you wanted do you think that you would be happier? Do you have a life that is calling you? How do think your life should change to be the one that is calling you?

Life takes your in directions that you never thought it would be taking you. You always get to where you should be in life at the end of the day. Life is ever changing but you fell that you are missing out on things. Not in the sense of FOMO but in a way that you should be doing something. Finding a way to get where you want to be always achievable. They say that it is more important of who you know not what you know. Others can always give perspective, opinions and ideas in live that you never thought that you could have, to better you in the future. You can always listen but it doesn’t mean you have to do what they say, do what I say not as I do type of situation.

Do you ever feel like you are looking back on life thinking that you should be somewhere else in your life? Where would you like to be? Do you want to be somewhere else in life? Did you image that life would be different then what it is now? If you are looking back on life thinking that you would be somewhere else, are you happy of where it ended up? Are there things that you could be doing to take your life to the place that you want it to be doing? The life that you dreamt about growing up, could you still live that life today?

Are you one of those people who have to be doing something every weekend? Do you want to get away every weekend? Is having a life meaning that you need to be having a busy lifestyle? The less time you spend at home and out doing things, is that what defines a better life? Do you want to be able to be in a position that isn’t the one you are currently living? Is the life calling is the one where you are always doing things in and around your home? Having kids? Travel?

No matter what you fine to be the perfect life will there always be a what would seem like life that is better then the one that you currently have, is there something to achieve at all times?

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