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Are groceries a waste of money?

Are groceries a waste of money? Do you spend to much money on groceries? Do you have food in your cupboards and fridge that go bad and you have to through out? Do you go grocery shopping despite having food in your house that you can eat already? Is there ever a time where you are absolutely out of food and need to go get groceries? Is it better to go get groceries or is it better just to order in? Are you a good cook? Do you like spending time in the kitchen?

We all need to eat; food is something that is never going to go away. I do not like to cook, grocery shopping isn't so bad but I tend to find that you always tend to purchase food that you don't ever really need. One of the things that I dislike about grocery shopping is that you purchase food to make a dinner but not 100% of the items to make it again in the future, in the future when you go to make this meal again, you tend to forget which products that you already have so you end up purchasing them again. So the original items just stay in the cupboard cluttering it up, potentially never being used, just being thrown out after their expiry date.

Another thing that I dislike about grocery shopping is that despite having more then enough food at home you go out shopping due to not 'feeling' or wanting to make any of the food that you have at home. You go out and purchase food that you actually don't need to make food that you are in the mood for. At this point in time why wouldn't you just go order in?

Do I think groceries are a waste of money? For the most part yes. One of the issues that I also tend to find with groceries is that you will purchase things that you normally wouldn't or really don't need or want it is just in the moment that you do it. Sweets are great but are unnecessary. You end up eating all of this food faster then you should.

I am not one for meal planning or prepping. With meal planning I just find that when the it comes down to it, I no longer want that food, or any food for that manner that I planned to eat for that week. I will just go out and purchase something else. For meal prepping, yes life is busy but I honestly can think of 100% better things to do with my time then dealing with food. I find that I will just end up eating more food at the end of the day when I meal prep.

Pending on your life situation but for just me personally I can order in a large pizza and make that last for a few days which does end up being cheaper and more time effective then going and getting groceries, even if I go to the pizza parlour and wait for the pizza to be made.

What are your thoughts, leave them in the comments below!

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