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Why Do We Like Reality Shows So Much?

Why do we like reality TV shows so much? Is it more of an escape? Is it easier to relate to? Is the daily mundane of everything too much to handle that we need the fakeness of reality TV to make it easier? How real do you think reality TV is? How real do you think reality TV is? How much do you think that the people working on the show like producers, directors influence on the show? Do you think that the interview portion of the show is real? How real is actual reality? How influenced are the people on the show by the outside world? Do you think that these people on the show are behaving the way they would in the real world or are they more influenced by the fact that cameras are on? Do you compare yourself to people on reality TV? Do you think that reality TV is to edited?

If you were on a reality TV show do you think that you would be reflected in the way that you would want to be reflected? How ‘real’ would you be if you were on reality TV? Is reality TV really reality TV? Do you think that being on a TV show that is in the reality realm worth it?

I have watched some but not a lot of reality TV in my day, but now I find that I watch more of the ‘daily’ vlogger type people. I do believe that it is way to edited. You only see what they want you to see.

Am I living my best life? Yes. I am a social media unicorn. I do not have it. I do know that people only post the best things. What we don’t see, is the millions of photos of what ever before the picture or video that does get posted online. We or I do not know how many photos or takes it took before it got posted online. Can you imagine getting food and having to take thirty plus photos before the one you see online was posted and the food gets cold or not even eating the food or doing enjoying the place you were at?

We all do things when we go out and about but having to do it because we need to post things? To go out of our way to be living a life that is for the internet and not for ourselves?

Burnout is real. Even if it is something that you do enjoy eventually it will feel like a job. Having to go out just to get content isn’t a way to live. You should be living your life to live your life not because you need something to post online.

Context is everything. How often do you wear the same outfit in one day? Do you ever find yourself changing outfits multiple times, just to take videos or pictures of your self just so you can say that it was multiple different days to show that you have a wonderful fun filled life?

To each their own.

Life is your own, remember that reality isn’t always what it seems.

I think reality TV shows are more of a realist or fantasy of what life could be despite it being only a short period of time being filmed being depicted as a much longer period of time.

How real is your reality on social media?

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