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How fast is fast food?

Food is getting easier to consume then it was 50 years ago. It is easier to get food brought to you then to go out and fetch it yourself. It may be cheaper to make food at home and a lot less convenient to do it but what is money right?

New companies are ‘popping’ to make it easier to get food brought to you as well as ordering food and just pulling up to the store and just putting in your trunk and taking off. Which company is best? They don’t all carry the same food but is it a service that you choose to use? Is it something that you want to do all the time? Getting and consuming food is something that we all need to do. Is the cost of convenience the new thing? How much more convenience can it get? I do know there are companies that will deliver it to your door, all you must do is put it away. These type of companies or delivery services can be considered in a way to be a side hustle position that you can have, is it one that you would like? Is this type of job for the student, housewife or for the older people who are looking to get back into the work force or just to keep busy? Is there money in it? Is there more money in delivery food then working at an actual store or restaurant?

On the other side….

Sometimes it is a lot easier or while you are out in the first place to just pick things up as you go. Taking the time to do all the food shopping at one time and/or then getting takeout could be more convenient. It could be better for your wallet, or you could end up spending more money. The truth is that you should never go food shopping while hungry.

One way to think about it is that people back in ‘yesteryear’ were a lot smaller in the waistline due to there not being to many fast food restaurants out there let alone fast food or take out. It was more of a treat to be able to go out for a meal. Now it is just more of something that we do. Having all of this fast food and food that is at our fingertips quiet literally is a blessing and a curse, it certainly isn’t doing anything for my waistline. Yes, I have always been bigger and I do know those who have always been and probably stay quite thin but it isn’t a good thing for any one person at any end of the spectrum to have to much access to this much food. Yes, there is people going with out food, donate to the food banks, help those in need, try and create less food waste. Always try and help those in need. Acts of service is something that really does keep on going.

Food waste is another huge concern that we should all have. Compost if/where you can, it is better for the environment as well as for the landfills.

How fast do you want your fast food to be?

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