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What is your side hustle?

It seems that today we are living in a society where we could all do with a little more money. It really doesn’t matter what you want the money for but is it worth getting a little more money if it moves you to a different tax bracket?

If you had a side hustle what would it be? Delivery driver? Creating ad’s, jingles or commercials? Would you do commercials? Would you do taxes or crafts? Would you save it for a future day or just put into investments? Would you travel or do another experience? What would you want from your side hustle? Would you want something that would turn into full time or just a few hours in between? Is it something that you would want to be doing occasionally like spelling a product or a craft show? What happens when you become so dependent on those few extra dollars that you cannot life without it? Is there always more money to be made? Can you always make more money?

Would you want/have multiple side hustles? Is it something that you would want to become your full-time job or jobs?

Why is our society so focused on what we are doing on the side? What took us away from what we were doing as a main gig? Does the side hustle the thing that is making us feel so drained? Is there not enough for what are doing?

I have often wondered what I would do for a side hustle. I do know that it would be something that I would want to be doing for a few hours a week, not something that would be taking away from my daily life. I do not know what I would be spending it on. At the end of the day its not what you have its what you save. Money can keep you warm at night, but it does not bring you happiness. I do think that experience over things is what is key. Who remembers the nights that you stayed home at night especially when you can have the memory of the experience for the rest of your life? I would want something that I can easily walk away from and come back to it at my convenience. Something will always help me at the time but not necessarily something I want. If I wanted a pet, new car or house I would potentially investigate it. I wouldn’t want to consider it to be a main income. I currently do not have one but potentially in the future it is worth looking into. I would like to be more intentional with everything that I do. Every purchase must add to your life, have a reason and used regularly or is it worth it?

What type of experiences do you prefer? What items do you want in your life?

Would you do the side hustle to get the experience job experience that you prefer? Is it the life experience that you are gaining from it that you are seeking? Is there a lifestyle that you are trying to achieve?

It’s what you save and not what you have, live with intention.

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