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Minimalism with Food

Minimalism has taking over our society the last couple of years. Yes, books and TV has helped this trend become ever so popular. There is also ways to bring minimalism into your life without having just to get rid of your stuff. You can bring it to your finances as well as to your food storage as well as to your diet. Minimalism should be taken out of exercise; exercise is very important. I have heard and read a several occasions that it is 20% exercise and 80% what you eat that is important to your overall health.

I think that minimalism should be taken more seriously when it comes to what you eat. I think that the biggest goal that most people have is to lose weight and keep it off. Yes, everyone has different weight loss goals and what they think is the perfect body type and shape but there does seem BMI is something that you should be looking into to see what your weight range should be. People do go out to eat a lot and get groceries when they have lots of food to eat at home. Going on a date night or going to a friend’s place to eat is a trend that is a common ground (after all we all need to eat) but why do we place such a high value on it?

Why do people go out to eat? Is eating really that important? Do we really need to be eating as much as we do? Is food really that important? What would you spend your money on if you were not putting so much towards food? How important is eating to you? Do you have a food addiction where you need to eat a lot or a certain type of foods? Do you have any food sensitivities? Are you posher when it comes to food and need to be eating the best of all types of food out there?

People used to have smaller waistlines several years ago, the reason for it is multifaceted. It could be that there is more restaurants, we value eating out to be more important, we make more money to go out and eat more or it is not as much as of a luxury to go out and eat.

Focusing on eating less, having less and only having what you need is best. The fresher and better the food the shorter it last. You can always stop on your way home to pick up what you need. Grocery stores are not going to out of business and yes it may be more of a hassle to stop and get food but there is always pros and cons to everything that you do. Having food that last longer may not be good for your body.

Minimalism is great way to cut down on all the unnecessary items in your life. Get rid of the foods that you are not eating, stay way from prepackaged foods, convenience foods and take out. Keep what is whole and fresh and what you will ultimately use. Do not ever let things expire, do not purchase what will go to waste, meal plan if required, don’t purchase food for 1.5 meals, just complete meals that you will eat. What ever it does mean to you, make sure that you are using everything that you do have, do not keep anything in your life that is not giving you joy.

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