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Some things that fat people do

There are some defining features of people who are over weight. They may not mean to be this way or not generally there are some good memes that with it.

Being over weight myself the comments do hurt when you do here them. It isn't just the talking that happens around you or when you are at a restaurant and the waiter/waitress asks/says separate bills? Then is surprised when you say together. It is more the comments that get told to your face or the looks & gestures that you do see and here. I have put together a small list of things some that people do tend to do so maybe we can combat it together and help then change to get smaller. Team work is the dream work.

  1. Want dessert first

  2. Just want dessert

  3. Safe room for extra dessert

  4. Just can keep eating

  5. Leave during sex (or a threesome) to go get food

  6. Always want to be eating

  7. Even when not hungry can keep eating

  8. Even though they don’t like that food they will keep eating it or eat it in general

  9. Can’t control their eating habits

  10. Always on a diet

  11. Don’t know how to eat

  12. Can’t remember that they are on a diet or when or when not to eat

  13. Can’t control themselves

  14. Extra toppings

  15. Always with the extra’s

  16. Are not satisfied with just a burger, must get fries and drink as well with potential ‘baby’ burger as well

  17. Snack because they are not ever full by the meal that they have

  18. Snack or munch all day then have a meal

  19. Have pre-meals

  20. Like vacuums - they just don't know when to stop eating, will polish it off just because it is there

  21. See food I eat it

  22. Regardless of liking it or not the amount of liking it

  23. Eating leftovers

  24. Eat it just to get rid of it

  25. Are they ever full?

  26. Bottomless pits

  27. Just want to keep eating and eating

  28. Dinner is never enough, just wanting to keep eating

  29. Because you have the money to purchase all the food/sweets doesn't mean that you should or are hungry enough to eat it

  30. Eat their feelings

  31. Always thinking about food, always wanting to eat, always wanting to cheat on the diet that they are on, always wanting to cut corners with food and want to take the fast route to weight loss

  32. Dream about food

  33. Don't understand why they are not losing weight when they are not doing anything about it

  34. Don't understand that when you start a new diet you are only loosing 'water weight' or essentially 'jump started' your body but you plateau due to not doing anything else like if you require 1,500 calories a day then change to 1,250 calories a day of course you will loose weight but if you don't keep changing nothing will happen - same with exercise, you need to keep changing it up

  35. Just eat to eat

  36. Maybe they just want to eat something, so they just do

  37. Finish treats so you don't need to save them

  38. Gorge versus savouring foods

  39. Waits a couple of hours to eat the special item versus a few days

  40. Usually always is eating or wants to be eating.

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