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Today's Dippit!

Quote of the Day

"A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world."

Leo Buscaglia

Writing Prompt of the Day

What Are Your Beliefs About Marriage?

Day's Conversation Starter

Which app seemed like magic the first time you used it?

Joke of the Day

The marine biology seminars weren't for entertainment, but were created for educational porpoises.

Top Fun Fact

The world’s largest grand piano was built by a 15-year-old in New Zealand. It is a little over 18 feet long and has 85 keys – 3 short of the standard 88.

History Fact

In the 13th century 30,000 children went on what is known as the Children's Crusade. They were convinced God would allow them to take back the Holy Land without incident, but most died on the journey or were sold into slavery.

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