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Busy while you are watching TV

If or while I am watching TV, I like to keep my hands busy. I like to do some craft of some sort. I just hate sitting still. I think it came from when I was a kid and there was commercials, seeing as it was ‘dead air’ to me I was always going something like word searches, sudoku’s and other such puzzles to keep busy or read a book. Regrettable I would also study for test in school, but I can’t say that I ended up learning much, should have used the memory palace technique but I can’t change the past. I was able to do a bunch of crafts using beads but there is only so many beads that you have or so many creatures that you can actually make. As soon as I really learned how to crochet, I started to do that while I was watching TV. With yarn projects there is so many different creations that you can make like blankets, scarfs, dish cloths and towels, as well as hats and mitts to name a few.

I just hate just sitting and watching TV, to the point where I actually most of the time fall asleep while watching it. I am always looking to watch something new and exciting instead of something that I have watched a bunch of times.

I guess keeping busy while watching TV is also a help as to when someone that you are with is also watching TV and they are watching something that you are not interested in and do not want to watch at all but you have to share, is nice to keep busy to make sure that I am not going to slowly go crazy!

Keeping busy while watching TV is nice, things do get done. I know that I could be listening to music, podcast, or audio book but right now TV is more entertaining to me and time doesn’t seem to drag on as it does. It is something that I suggest to others, if you want to get more done, instead of just sitting and watching TV why not just get up and do something, have it be back round noise like music or audio books can be. Just try to get up and do something in stead of just sitting around and watching TV.

They to employ the 10-minute rule, where you start to do anything for 10 minutes and only 10 minutes and see where it takes you. If you want to continue to do what ever task that you are doing then do it, if not then just stop after 10 minutes. It really is just this simple.

How about you, do you like to keep busy while you watch TV? What type of things do you like to do while you watch TV? Do you watch TV? Do you happen to watch so little TV that you don’t really need to do anything while you are watching it? How do you keep busy with your time? What help makes you feel productive? What is your little time saver hack?

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