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The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is a money-making business. They are always telling you that you are not good enough and that you are not perfect. There is always something wrong with you. Well someone who isn’t satisfied with themselves will spend money to make themselves that way.

Everyone is different but shouldn’t try the more ‘natural’ way to fix the problem versus trying to purchase products that are meant to ‘fix’ the problem. For example, if you have dark circles under your eyes, shouldn’t you try and get more sleep instead of putting a cream on it? You could always try and put the cold spoon to the under eye to dry to bring down the puffiness of it. Or maybe if you are getting some zits and you need cleansers to help fix it maybe you should try to change of your diet or not to be such a mouth breather.

They say that your diet is very important to how your skin looks. When you eat well or say exercise regularly do you find that you feel good about yourself? Does your skin feel better? Eating is party of everyday life so should taking care of your body.

There has been a flare of ‘toxins’ in your products and how we should eliminate them. Shouldn’t we try to eliminate all toxins all together in beauty products? What some people say is a bad product some others may say are good for it. The industry keeps changing. What we put on our skins and what we put in your mouths is very important. We do need to focus on what we are doing. Putting our best foot forward as they say.

Another comment I have heard is long lasting lip stick or some that you need to have a specific solution to take off due to it being so long lasting. Yes I do think that priming your skin is great as you want a full day of make up but have your ever notices that you will always redo your make up at the start and end of your day if you are going out? Yes, there is a day look and a night look that you can really go for but with all of this priming shouldn’t some of it just say on? I digress, yes lip stick for some does complete an out fit but the longer it lasts isn’t that harmful for you? Harsher on your skin? Yes, you want your make up to last and not transfer if you are eating, drinking or just scratching a scratch but for something to last for hours is it really good for you? The thing that I can compare it to is that yes, you can leave a diaper on a baby on and keep them dry of up to 8 hours but would you really leave a diaper on a baby long then 3 hours? Skin is important, treat it as such.

Take care of yourself and do what you think is the best thing for your skin, not what others are trying to get you to spend money on.

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