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Keeping Busy

I have never had a problem with keeping busy. I can always find something to do. There is always something to do. Whether it be some chore or DIY project that I have been putting off or just sitting and reading a book to watching movies or TV that I haven’t watched yet. I can always find something. I do have lots of different crafts that I can also do. I find the older I get the more I need to keep myself busy.

I do have an athletic side, but I am not overly active. I have occasion done some sporty type things but haven’t found anything is very me. I prefer to meditate over doing yoga but well like most people having the flexibility to do more is something worth looking into. As much as I want to be a defeatist, sitting around and doing nothing isn’t going to help me get further in life, only moving.

I like to keep myself busy especially when I am watching TV. I don’t like just to sit and watch TV. I am usually very up and down if I don’t have a craft to be working on. I find that sometimes I do over do my crafts, I stay up late and over do it on my hands and wrists just to get done faster for no reason but just to have it finished. Taking a break from doing something like knitting or crocheting is needed but it just leads me to want to colour which can sometimes put just as much strain on my wrists and hands. Ultimately, if I just sit and watch TV, I end up falling asleep. If I fall asleep I feel like I need to make up for the lost time that I was sleeping but doing something maybe extravagant for the time of night or to re-watch the episode despite just going to bed or taking a nap.

I like to be left alone to my own devices. If I could always be alone I would. When you think about not being able to go out and do anything its harder versus the a-typical time when I would just stay in and do what ever I wanted to do in the first place. Getting interrupted by outside forces just plain ruins my focus and train of thought on what I am doing. Change is ok but I prefer if it was just more natural then forced. Going outside is overrated!

I do have an instrument (a keyboard) that I can play and practice on and it can create other instruments and sound effects to keep things entertaining. The best part is I can record things and take it off from the keyboard itself. I do not need to worry about losing any sort of sound quality. It is great if I wanted to have a video channel online, I wouldn’t ever have to purchase or look for music or sound affects I can just create it all myself!

Essentially for me, as long as it’s natural flow to my own day of my own design I would be crafting, reading and recording throughout my day!

How do you keep busy? Do you like to keep busy? Do you or would you always have a problem with being stuck at home? Would you want to be stuck at home at all?

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