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Things to keep you fit while being at home

While we are all at home there are things that you can do to keep busy as well as staying active. These things are not for everyone and there is always somethings that you can do to stay fit. If you have some other suggestions to add or advice let me know! I am not a personal trainer or a medical professional of any king but these are just suggestions that I have done and have worked for me in the past and are things that I am doing to try and stay in shape. Do your research and see what is out there to help out. Only you know what is best for you.

  • Do lunges to and from wherever you are going in your home.

  • i.e. to the kitchen, bathroom or just to the couch

  • doing lunges in one place can be done as well

  • doing a side lunge can also be helpful

  • Lift weights

  • If you do not have weights you can always use something like board games or books.Weights can work out your upper and lower body

  • Run/walk in spot

  • Skip

  • With a skipping rope or just around your house

  • Sit up’s

  • Push up’s

  • Can do with a bent or full out leg

  • Dance

  • Gymnastics

  • Jumping jacks

  • Planks

  • Front or side plants, you can bend your knees or have a straight leg

  • Walking/running up stairs

  • Chin ups if you can

  • Jump step-ups

  • Burpee’s

  • Controlled limb raises

  • At home equipment

  • Bench press, stationary bikes, ellipticals or tread mills to name a few

There are plenty of information online that you can go do your research on. Video’s and articles can definitely help. Research should not be underestimated with what you should be doing. I remember when I was a kid and some friends parents would have those work out videos from the 1990’s and early 2000’s, I thought it was so funny but in a way they are making a resurgence today.

Make sure you are getting enough water and sleep. These 2 things can make a difference.

If you can go out for a walk or run. If you usually go to a gym, maybe consider creating a at home gym to keep yourself active.

Everything is all dependant on what area of your body that you want to be working out. You may just be wanting to stay active as well.

Myself I am trying to work on my core and trying to make sure that my centre of gravity does not change. I like going for walks and like just to keep going. I usually to focus on cardio but thought I would like to change it up for a little bit.

With anything it is just about getting started. Just try and do something for 10 minutes. If you like it then keep going. Create a routine just to start to do your at home work outs.

Good luck on staying fit and active!

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