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Is being alone better?

I understand during these trying times being in quarantine or self-isolating can be tough but I think the big different is, is that not going out due to it simply not being your choice versus not going out because you can’t. Where would you go out to if you could right?!?!

You are never alone even if you are by yourself. You always have friends and family and someone you can talk to. Everyone has a phone or a mode of transportation (yes, your two feet and your heartbeat can get you anywhere) to get to someone who will care. You can chat or hang just for a big. That is all you really need.

Its nice to be with others when it is purely by choice and on my own terms. I am an introvert and prefer to be by myself majority of the time. I often dream of a life where I am alone. Not alone where I am living in the middle to no where working from home (that totally isn’t me) but where I am living alone in my apartment condo, (I work both from home and outside of them home as well as do 99% of the household shopping) and simply living my own life. I would love if my own personal time would be 100% mine and not a shared experience.

I think that being alone is a lot better then being with people for the following reasons:

  1. No noise feed back from the other person.

  • Whether it be the TV, friends or what ever they just happen to be doing, you just should not have to put up with it

  1. You are always on your own schedule

  • You never have to share anything.No deciding what you are going to eat or watch or even must move to a different room to watch what you want to be watching.You can eat when you want and what you want as well.

  1. You can eat what ever when ever

  • When it has time to do groceries, you do not need to be purchase items that are not for the other person.You always have the money to get the foods that you enjoy.You do not have to be ‘censored’ with the food that you want.

  1. You do not have to do ‘extra’ or ‘more chores’

  • It is always your own laundry or dishes

  1. Permission

  • You never need to run it by your partner or room mate if it is OK to have people over or plan events.You do not have to feel bad about going to bed at a certain or waking up at a certain time and you do not need to worry about noise.You can shower whenever you like, eat and go out.There is no need to run anything by anyone.You are truly your own agent.

Not everyone is going to agree with me and may have some extra points that they may want to share. Everyone is different and should be treated as such. This is my opinion and what I ‘dream’ about from time to time. Ultimately is being alone better?

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