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To Tip or Not To Tip

When you go out for a service whether it be for food or aesthetic do you tip? How much do you tip? Do you like the idea of tipping? Do you have more a ‘European’ mindset of tipping? Do you have a range of tipping where the service is good your tip more versus bad you tip less? Is there a minimum or maximum that you will tip? Do you think that you should just tip no matter what? Do you ever feel bad for not tipping? Do you think that you will ever change your mind about tipping?

Tipping is a very controversial issue. Everyone has different opinions. I personally have a median tip that I have and pending on the service I get depends if it lowers or goes higher. I used to be the type of person that would never tip and if I did then you know that it was good service. There has been a few times or places that I wish I could and would have tipped more but I cannot turn back time and do that.

With aesthetics I believe tipping is more important to do so as they hold the power to really mess things for you that is very recognisable. Whereas for food, stereotypically you can tell if they messed up your order, you could also smell or see what they have done, it is more of your choice that you ate it anyways.

A general point is to be nice. Be nice for the sake of being nice, maybe pay it forward, kill with kindness if that is your prerogative. Do not be ‘that person’ the people tend to do things to. You want a wonderful service, or you received a wonderful service then make sure you are making them aware of it.

In western society tipping is something of a norm. I am for it. I sometimes wish I could go back to the mind set of not tipping but I am happy that I do tip. I know from the past that I will make sure I have the money to tip more if I so choose at the time without breaking the bank. I know that I do not get tipped for doing what I do in my job, but I do get paid handsomely and have wonderful perks and benefits that someone in the service industry does not have. I sometimes feel sorry for those people who work in child and elderly care who wipe bums and do not get tipped. Dealing with actual poop sounds awful with out extra tips.

I find it interesting that people who are still in the service industry at an age where it seems to old for them to be there is something different. I know that they are there due to the tips being what they are, but at a certain point, I must wonder, do they want a career versus a job?

Until those in the service industry do not need to claim their tips on their taxes and get paid a wage that is not considered to be a ‘service industry’ wage then I think tipping should stop. What ever your opinion is, be strong with what you believe but don’t be afraid to change!

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