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Today's Dippit!

Quote of the Day

"In order to master a field, you must love the subject and feel a profound connection to it. Your interest must transcend the field itself and border on the religious."

Robert Greene

Writing Prompt of the Day

Have You Ever Interacted With the Police?

Day's Conversation Starter

Where would you like to travel next?

Joke of the Day

Cactus puns are simply succulent.

Top Fun Fact

There is an underwater version of rugby, unsurprisingly called “underwater rugby”. It is a contact sport between 2 teams of 6 competing underwater in a pool to score goals while free diving.

History Fact

Women Were Once Banned from Smoking in Public

In 1908, New Yorker Katie Mulcahey was arrested for striking a match against a wall and lighting a cigarette with it. Why? Because this was a violation of The Sullivan Ordinance, a city law banning women (and only women!) from smoking in public. During her hearing at the district court, Mulcahey argued about her rights to smoke cigarettes in public. She was fined $5.00. Two weeks later, The Sullivan Ordinance was vetoed by New York City's mayor.

Weird Laws

It's Illegal to Hike Naked in Switzerland

After Swiss and German travelers decided to make naked hiking a thing in Switzerland a decade ago (really!), Swiss officials reminded folks that a public indecency law still exists and you can be fined if caught in the woods in the buff.

In 2011, a Swiss man was fined more than $100 for his bare-bottomed walk.

Foody Things

Where to Eat

While the Scandinavian countries boast a handful of Michelin-starred restaurants, the countries of the Baltic come up empty-handed on that front. But that doesn't mean they lack exemplary places to dine.

TripAdvisor travelers have given 4.5 stars to Vincents in Riga, Latvia and Dominic in Tallinn, Estonia — and 5 stars to Amandus in Vilnius, Lithuania, where local ingredients representing the best of the Baltic region take center stage.

Movie/TV Trivia

Psycho Is the First U.S. Film to Feature a Toilet Flushing

At a time it was considered inappropriate to show a toilet being flushed on screen, Alfred Hitchcock saw an opportunity to add some extra shock to his already shocking film—presenting a scrap of paper, which proves an important clue, failing to flush in a toilet. In the book, the clue was an earring found in the bathroom, but Hitchcock changed it to a piece of paper actually in the toilet, partly to add an extra jolt for viewers. And for more wacky info from Hollywood, don't miss the 20 Craziest Celebrity Rumors of All Time.

Movie/TV Quote

"I drink your milkshake" - There Will Be Blood, 2007

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