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Going Out To Eat With Food Allergies

Do you have any food allergies? Are you a picky eater? Do you choose to not eat certain foods? Does religion a factor of why you do not eat certain foods? Do you choose to be vegetarian/pescetarian, vegan or gluten free? Have you eaten a certain way for so long that if you were to eat it now it would affect you in a negative way? Why do you choose to eat the way that you do? Were you brought up to eat a certain way? Have you chosen to eat a certain way for any reasoning? Have you ever gotten any allergy testing done or do you just listen to your body?

Yes, all restaurants are supposed to have a station in their kitchen/prep area where there is no chance of cross contamination for gluten, meat and animal by products but that isn’t a reality that many restaurants make an effort to keep or can keep. I believe that most restaurants try and keep with the main populous that come in and not the minor patrons with special food requirements. Yes, they will do their best to try and make the food as the allergen free, but things do happen.

If you have a food allergen or eat a specific way do you eat at restaurants that will most likely give you a reaction? If you do choose to do that and you have a reaction, what is your reaction? Do you take it as a lesson learned? Do you try again but with a different order? Do you take the attitude that they poisoned you (despite you ordering it, choosing to eat that way and know that it could be a possibility that this could happen)? If you had a reaction to some food would you go back again? Would you write a bad review? Would you boycott the restaurant? If you have an allergy or eat a specific way, how do you choose the places that you will dine out/order in at? How risky are you to try new and different restaurants? Do you make food more at home versus going out? Due to your allergies or dietary restrictions, is going out to eat/ordering in something that you do not even consider? What are your thoughts on how restaurants run their kitchens? Do you only go to restaurants that you know that you will not react at?

I personally do not have any food allergies, but I choose to eat a certain way. I try to eat like a pescetarian. I am currently trying to cut down on my gluten, as I love crackers, but I usually have a sandwich for lunch and some sort of pasta 2 nights a week. I have a lot of gluten in my diet to say the least and I am trying to become dairy free. I have underestimated how many foods have dairy in them. I haven’t eaten pork in many years now, but the odd time will have chicken with my meal. Trying to eat a certain way is certainly troublesome for me at times but I am trying. Ultimately, I am trying to reduce what I eat in what I consider to be a ‘bad’ or ‘allergen’ type of food.

Is there a way that you would like to eat? Do you eat the way in which you like to eat? Do you judge others for the way that they eat?

To which ever way that you eat, good tidings on your journey and may you always find good value in what you are doing!

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