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Secret Eaters

Are you a secret eater? Do you hide food or have meals or snacks in private that no one knows about? Do you go out of your way to get treats for yourself to eat? How honest are you about the food that you do eat? Are you completely honest with all the food that you eat? Do you stay within the amount of food that you need in one day?

As more and more people become overweight, which could lead to obesity and treats are becoming cheaper it isn’t hard to see why. Fast food is getting fast, not leaving your home becoming more socially acceptable and treats needing no prep or long cook times what are we supposed to do?

How often to you purchase groceries? How much food are you spending on food? Out of all the money you are spending on food, how much of it do you need? How much of this food nutritious your body in a positive way?

If you cut treats out of your budget of food, how much money would you be saving? How long do treats tend to stay in your home?

Treats are made to be addictive which is why you tend to keep craving them. if you were just to cut them out of your diet, your cravings will change, and you will not want them anymore. Plenty of studies have been done on how treats are bad for you, everything in moderation and to eat ‘properly’ to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you do deserve. Eating good food does keep you fuller for long versus with food that is a treat does not keep you fuller at all and is very addictive to eat.

Do you often find that you are out and you stop at convenience store, corner store or the grocery store for staple or something for that nights dinner that you tend to pick up something that you don’t need but you definitely need now that you are out, already there picking up something else that you need?

Do you never go out to get some exercise and find yourself getting a treat? Do you ever go out for a walk or bike ride with the purpose to end up getting a treat at some point?

Calories can add up in ways that you may not recognize either. Sandwiches can be to stuff with food that it cannot close, a lot of cheese or sauces could also be a culprit of it as well. Dairy foods like cheese, mayo, milk may seem to be good but are very fatty and people tend to eat to much of it. Carbs may also seem filling, but do you really need all of it?

It is extremely easy to get food in and twice as hard to get it off. Do you have a problem with eating? Do you have secret meals or snacks? If you overeat, by how much do you overeat? Do you under eat? Do have a problem with eating?

No matter how you live your life I wish you the best and you really following your life and eating goals that support you living your best life.

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