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Today's Dippit!

Quote of the Day

"Respect yourself if you would have others respect you."

Baltasar Gracian

Writing Prompt of the Day

What’s Your Favourite Room?

Day's Conversation Starter

What was the best invention of the last 50 years?

Joke of the Day

What concert costs just 45 cents?

50 Cent featuring Nickelback!

Top Fun Fact

In 1994, the company who had a patent on GIFs tried to charge a fee for using GIFS. The PNG was invented as an alternative, and the company backed down.

History Fact

President Abraham Lincoln is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame

Before the 16th president took office, Abraham Lincoln was declared a wrestling champion. The 6'4" president had only one loss among his around 300 contests. He earned a reputation for this in New Salem, Illinois, as an elite fighter. Eventually, he earned his county's wrestling championship.

Weird Laws

No Water Pistols on New Year's in Cambodia

New Year celebrations in Cambodia get so crazy that the capital city of Siam Reap won't allow for the sale of water pistols leading up to and during its big celebrations. The ban went into place to prevent "traffic accidents" and "public disorder."

Apparently, any other time of year is okay for a water gun fight, but if you go for New Year's, shop owners won't sell you the plastic toy.

Foody Things

Where to Eat

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud at Dublin's Merrion Hotel was awarded 2 Michelin Stars in 2019. The restaurant focuses on French-style cooking (proof that our No. 2 pick on this list is sound), but utilizes local ingredients thoughtfully.

Dublin is also home to a collection of 1-Star restaurants, and there are three 1-Star standouts (Chestnut, Ichigo Ichie and Mews) in County Cork as well.

Movie/TV Trivia

Three Major Horror Franchises Were Inspired by the Same Serial Killer

It takes one particularly terrifying creep to inspire Hannibal Lecter, Norman Bates, and Leatherface, but that's the legacy left by horrifying serial killer Ed Gein. When he was finally caught and his house of horrors in Plainfield, Wisconsin, discovered, police found masks and lampshades made from human skin, among plenty of other atrocities. His astonishing depravity proved a source of creative inspiration.

Movie/TV Quote

"You talking to me?" - Taxi Driver, 1976

Fun fact: Robert DeNiro improvised this line. The script only said "Travis speaks to himself in the mirror" so DeNiro took some liberties and was ultimately successful.

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