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Uploading Content

In todays social media craze with the constant content being posted and uploaded it is hard to keep focused on everything at one time. It is not surprising how you can go check a few things out and before you know it an hour or more goes by.

There is ways of making sure that when your favourite personal posts you will be notified, but what if they don’t? How forgiving are you of content not going up? Are you more forgiving if the content is late versus if the content just does not go up? How forgiving and understanding of you of the social media stars? Do you have the attitude or viewpoints on occasion, always or what regarding these social media stars that they should not being burning out, this is their job, they chose this? Everyone has a job; everyone does deserve and need a vacation but if you are a daily content creator can you really stockpile up what you are doing? Do you revolve your life around content being uploaded at a certain time? Do you check social media so often that content is not being uploaded fast enough? If you have ‘run out’ of content to consume do you look for more and different content to consume?

If you are a content creator, do you feel the pressure of having to create and post content at a particular time? Do you feel that your job is different then most people where you cannot really go on vacation? Do you feel like your job is a vacation? Do you feel that you share so much that you really do not have a personal life? Is it really a numbers game? (Where you need to post at a certain time or else you will lose viewers?

Would you want to be a content creator? If you became a content creator and you got big enough where you made more money from creating and posting content that you would get rid of your ‘day job’?

I have been in a position from time to time if I am really into particularly content and I know that they usually post on a certain day and time and they haven’t I do not like it and potentially go look on other socials to see what is going on. I try not to get so into a person that if they do not upload at a particular day and or time that I expect it and when they don’t, I get upset. They are people to who deserve to have a life. Sometimes life does happen, just because what they do is on the internet is no excuse for me to be expecting to have content form them on a regular.

I personally would not want my every day life be posted online, I do like my privacy, but I would not want to have a duel personality where this other person has their life uploaded. I do think people are different online then what they are like in real life. What happens behind closed doors is also your own personal business as well.

What ever your views are on everything regarding online content, I wish you the best with what ever you upload and consume!

Happy internet!

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