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Music - Can it really change your mood?

Do you really think that music is so powerful that it can change things like your mood or perspective? Do you think it can add to a mood? How much affect does music have on your own everyday life? Do you prefer listening to music versus watching TV? How much music do you listen to in a day? Do you listen to the radio? Where do you go to get new music? Do you pay for music? Do you listen to the entire album that an artist puts out? When was the last time you listened to an entire album in its entirety? How often do you create new lists of music to listen to? How important is music really?

Do you know how to play a musical instrument? How often do you practice this instrument? Has playing an instrument benefitted you in your life? If you have not played in a while do you think that you could pick it up again with out a problem? What amount of practice is enough amount? (I guess it depends on how good you want to be)

Music is powerful. Everyone has different tastes in music. If you do not like what you hear you can create it. Whether it is instrumental or not there is something for everyone. I think there needs to be more holiday music. I often find that it usually takes a while but once I do get going, I do prefer music over TV. I just need to get into the habit of turning the TV off. Media is consent, it will always be there, it is just very addictive.

Music can be addictive as well simply different. I have gotten carried away and been productive with TV and music, I just do think that I am more productive with music going on. Music does have magical properties I think over TV, it can change my outlook on things in ways that I do not like to admit. It does irritate me that music does change my mood. Now I find that it does stereotypically take longer then one song for my mood to change but it does happen. I find that there are more opportunities different perspectives to happen and to come out with music. Some do say that music is the universal language and maybe it is.

There is such things as music therapy. I do hear it can help those who do participate in it. I would be interested in trying it. I do have a piano that I do need to practice more. I took limited lessons as a child, took music through school but did dabble in learning a bit on my own while I was in high school. I would like to get back into that mind set, but I just need to get into the routine of it more then once a week to be able to progress at a rate that I would like.

I think that if I put my mind to it, I would be able to change my habits to get into music to change my mood and out look on life. There is music for free online just like TV! I have 2 music goals.

  1. To stop watching TV so mindlessly, alternatively listen to music.Hopefully, it will encourage me to be generally more productive.

  2. Practice my piano twice a week.

Wish me luck on my music goals! What, if any do you have any music goals?

Happy listening to what ever is your preference!

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