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3 Square Meals A Day Versus Intermittent Fasting

I have the internal argument right now about which way is the best way to be structuring my eating schedule daily. Ultimate it works about to be the same amount of food each day, but do I spend my whole day eating or only eat between a certain time?

I find that one requires more meal prepping then the other but the one makes me feel more appreciative of food.

I am an endless snacker, I always seem to eat so much then when I notice how much I have snacked on it is no wonder why I am not hungry for any actual food.

I do not eat meals on a regular basis, the idea of breakfast seems so foreign to me. At one point I did eat breakfast, but I cannot bear to think of eating breakfast would seem like now. Eating first thing in the morning does seem wrong. I do eat a few hours before going to bed, but I would 100% eat then go to bed for the night versus eating first thing in the morning.

Eating 3 meals a day with 2 snacks seems to much food. Yes, they are smaller meals but seems like it is to much time preparing these meals and dishes to do. Just too much of a waste of time. 2 meals with 1 snack in a shorter period does feel better. Do I do any of this? No. I do not wish to create or find the time to do some meal prep or to do the dishes.

At the end of the day it does seem ridiculous the amount of time a day as humans we do take in preparing, cleaning, and eating food. If we did not need it would it really be worth it? Just think of all the time you would have in being able to do other things that you want to be doing by not preparing, cooking and dishes just so you can eat.

I do think there is merits to both ideas. I do eat too much to my tasting so eating during a specific window does help me especially since I do not eat breakfast and do not want to change that.

I am not one for cleanses and think that eating protein shakes not as a meal replacement drink but an excuse to eat more and unhealthy things which only leads to eating more. It is counter intuitive. I do think cleanses are worth it, but it isn’t something that I haven’t been able to do.

I do aim to have the eating style that is known as intermittent fasting. I try and choose to eat for only 9 hours a day with 15 hours I do fast. I do not think I would be able to go more then 15 hours without food despite knowing that I most likely could. I do have lots of food and try to not have any food waste.

Which eating style do you prefer? Do you think that there is a better way to eat?

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