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Today's Dippit!

Quote of the Day

"When you are not practicing, someone else is. When you meet him, he will win."

Martial Arts proverb

Writing Prompt of the Day

What Would You Most Like to Learn to Cook or Bake?

Day's Conversation Starter

Do you usually achieve goals you set? Why or why not?

Joke of the Day

I tell dad jokes but I have no kids…I'm a faux pa!

Top Fun Fact

The British royal family isn't allowed to play Monopoly.

History Fact

Richard Nixon Plotted to Assassinate a Journalist

He was a paranoid dude, and Richard Nixon wanted to kill Washington columnist Jack Anderson, according to NBC News. His plot included ideas such as putting poison in Anderson's medicine cabinet or exposing the journalist to large amounts of LSD. Thankfully, the plot was abandoned.

Weird Laws

Michigan: Bounty hunting encouraged (then not)

Until 2006, every citizen of Michigan was encouraged to be a bounty hunter. A 1941 act titled “An act to provide for the payment of bounties for the killing of starlings and crows,” offered any citizen a bounty of three cents per each starling killed and ten cents per crow—so long as they were presented in “a state of good preservation.” The law was repealed in 2006.

Foody Things

Fat Tony at Milky Lane in Bondi Beach, Australia

This trendy Bondi Beach spot boasts cheese pull on nearly all of its menu items, from deep-fried mac and cheese to cheese-smothered tater tots.

But the aptly named Fat Tony is the king of them all, featuring a deep-fried five-cheese lasagna topped with pesto aioli and served on a garlic-bread bun. Don’t forget your drawstring pants.

Movie/TV Trivia

The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

Georgie Henley's reaction to Mr. Tumnus at the lamppost is genuine. She had not seen her castmate James McAvoy in his costume before the scene was filmed, so her screams and reaction were real. Georgie's first reaction to the snowy world of Narnia is also genuine. She was carried into the set blindfolded to make her first entrance, and her wide-eyed, delighted reactions to it, all are entirely her own.

Movie/TV Quote

"I'll be back."

The Terminator, 1984

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