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What Rules Do You Have for Staying Healthy?

Do you have any rules to stay healthy? Do you have any food rules? How strict are you in sticking to these rules? What do you do if you do not stick to your rules? Do you have rules that you stick to for so long that if you were to eat the food that you usually restrict you would have a reaction to it? How healthy are you? Do you think you are healthy? How healthy are you really? How important is staying healthy to you? Do you care about your own personal health?

I personally do not have any rules, but I do have a few that I would like to follow. I have done a little research on the subject and I have found a few common things. Now these are subjective, and I suggest that you do your own research. I am not a medical professional or have any education in nutrition but I do feel that due to being obese for majority of my life I have done a lot of research on the quick fixes and how to lose weight. What I have listed are just a few common things that I have found.

  • Some form of rules or restriction in your diet is a good thing.

  • Whether it be intermittent fasting or having 3 small meals a day with 2 snacks.

  • Do not think about it as being a diet but a lifelong eating plan that maintains a long-lasting fullness of life

  • Eating more fruits and vegetables is better than meat

  • Try to cut out red meat, opt for fish when you can.

  • Junk food should be thought of as such, it is made to be addictive

  • Your body is a temple so treat it as such

  • Addiction is about the dopamine fix, try to beat it

  • Keeping track of what you eat is a good way to know what you are really eating

  • Are you a secrete eater?

  • It takes 30 minutes for your stomach to realize that it is full

  • It is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise

  • Exercise is extremely important, especially in your later years.

  • If you don’t see it or you don’t have it, you won’t eat it.

  • I do think this is true.I am personally working on the self-control to just not eat it.I would like to be able to treat myself without having to go out and get it then to ultimately binge or gorge eat it

Your health is what keeps you going. It is something that you need to keep in your old age. The more habits or routines that you can get into and keep now is good. If you want to be able to be as independent as you are now keeping healthy is something that you need to stay.

How often do you think about your health? What are the measures that you keep making sure that you are staying healthy? Do you have any rules, habits, or routines to keep you healthy? How do you become healthier? Is there always something that you can be doing to be healthy? How often to you reassess what your actions are towards your health? Is staying healthy a work in progress that you constantly need to be working on?

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