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Food Waste

Food waste is an exceptionally large problem that does happen and is sad when there is so many who go hungry around the world and in the city where I live.

In this time of uncertainty, it is hard to handle all the food waste that is happening when a lot more are unemployed and food producers are throwing out a lot of food due to places like schools and restaurants not needing them.

I am a fan of composting but is something that I do not do myself. I would like too but I do lack considerable amount of knowledge within the area as well as a good way of disposing of my compost on a regular basis.

Even if I only eat what I need to eat in a day or less it is still not going to make up for those who go hungry and/or cannot afford food. I do try to donate food when I can, but I ultimately cannot help everyone.

What are some of the ways that you combat food waste? Do you have things in place, so you do not have any food waste? What is a good amount of food waste? What is a bad amount of food waste? Do you compost? Do you look down on people who do not compost at all? What are some of the ways that town or city can do to help? Do you donate food to places that need it?

Food is something that is in such high community that it seems previously to worry about when there are so many places where you can get benefits for food like the food bank or a family or friend.

Do you know anyone who you can go to their house, they will feed your dinner and then send you home with food? Even possibly go through their cupboards for somethings? Do you waste a lot of food? What are some measures that you can take to make sure that you do not have a lot of food waste? Do you fund that you eat less so there is not a lot of food waste?

Food is necessary and humans are resilient. It is good to see what we can do with so little or with the abundance that we do have.

Do you have dinner parties? How often do you try and help others with food?

I do try and help others when I can, sometimes I do get a bit stingy and have to many opinions. Especially when I give some money to a friend to help them out and they spend what is now their money to use in the way that they want to on items that I do not think they should be spending it on.

Do you only purchase and eat that you need? Do you only consume what is necessary to keep you going? Do you like to splurge on treats and such when you can? What is a good amount versus a bad amount?

No matter what your views are and what you do in regard to food waste I hope you are on the journey that you prefer to be on, and you are doing your best.

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