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Today's Dippit!

Daily Quote

"Next to love, friendship, in my opinion, is the most valuable thing life has to offer."

Henry Miller

Writing Prompt

What Is Your Favourite Summer Movie?

Conversation Starter

What do you think of online education?

Joke of the Day

A good artist knows where to draw the line.

Fun Fact

The logo for Chupa Chups was designed by Salvador Dalí.

History Fact

I Heart You

Silphium, also known as laserwort, was a plant that was once an effective and extremely popular contraceptive; Pliny, sounding like a guy who totally understands women’s periods, noted that it could “promote the menstrual discharge.” Unfortunately it was so popular that it was harvested into extinction. Some researchers even speculate that the shape of the plant is what gives us the traditional heart shape we use to denote love and romance today.

Weird Laws


The City of Mobile may know how to throw down on Mardi Gras, but the use of plastic confetti is strictly prohibited. To carry, manufacture, sell, or handle any non-biodegradable, plastic-based confetti is unlawful.

Food Thing


Cow’s milk; hard

Region of origin: Haute-Savoie

An Alpine cheese produced exclusively from unpasteurised cow's milk in the French Alps of the Haute-Savoie, Beaufort’s fruity taste and creaminess is highly prized. This cheese also has strict AOC labeling requirements and comes in three versions: Beaufort d’été (summer), Beaufort d'hiver (winter) and Beaufort chalet d’alpage, which must be made in a mountain chalet during the summer months from a single herd of cattle grazing in the mountain pastures.

Its characteristic shape — a large, thick wheel with concave sides — originally enabled farmers to easily transport the cheeses down the mountains by winding ropes around the weighty wheels, so as to lash them to a donkey.

Beaufort is richer and creamier than other mountain cheeses such as Gruyere, Comté or Emmental, and the smooth, supple paste has flowery and herb aromas. It melts well, making it another great choice for a fondue or a grilled sandwich.

Movie/TV Trivia

The Mummy

Brendan Fraser nearly died during a scene where his character is hanged. Rachel Weisz remembered, "He stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated."

Movie/TV Quote

"Here's Johnny!"

The Shining, 1980

Fun fact: This line was completely improvised. Jack Nicholson was only prompted to break down the door, but he decided to improvise this line and it made the final cut of the movie

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