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Food is not Entertainment

Food is not entertainment.

We should not be eating to eat or eating to be entertained. Eating is an experience. We should be going out to places and enjoying the atmosphere, the company and commentary. Enjoying the tastes and presentation of the food but it should not be the reason why we are eating.

An example of eating for entertainment could be when you go to the movies you need popcorn, food, candy or a beverage. You do not need food to enjoy the show. A dinner and a show is something like diner theatre is something that you do not see much of these days, is it something that you are interested in or bringing back? At dinner theatre it is something that you do expect to be entertain as you eat.

Entertainment and food should be something different. Challenge yourself to see if you eat less if you are not eating when you are watching TV. When eating try putting on music to see if it changes your eating habits.

Yes, we as humans do need to eat but why do we let it be such a huge role in our lives? Why does so much of what we do evolve around food? Have you ever been to a convenience store without picking up some sort of snack or beverage? When was the last time you did groceries and you picked something up that wasn’t on the list? Do you find that more of the foods that you get are more snack or garbage foods? How much money do you spend on food that is food? How much do you eat in your day to day that isn’t

processed? Do you take the time to prep or plan out your meals in the same way that you go about your TV watching or video gaming? If you took time away from the TV and thought and really thought about what you are eating and how you want to be eating, how much would it change? Do you need to be eating in front of the TV or have some sort of media turned on every time that you eat? Do you need to be so entertained while you eat that having a conversation or really enjoying what you are having to eat is foreign to you? Do you need to be eating to have a good time? Does a treat or a reward need to be food? If you are board why do you need to be eating? Why do so many nights out have to be centred around food, treats and beverages? Why as a society do we think that food is so necessary that we plan nights around it?

Food is fuel and should be treated as such. Going out and having a good time or even having a night in does not need to be centred around food. Eat because it is nourishment for your body but not to be entertained for a few hours or to be entertained for a short period of time while watching something on the TV.

Food is not entertainment.

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