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Today's Dipppit!

Daily Quote

"A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success!"

Doug Larson

Writing Prompt

How Can People Make the Most of Long Holiday Weekends?

Conversation Starter

What will the future of education be?

Joke of the Day

Rest in peace boiling water, you will be mist.

Fun Fact

In Queensland, Australia, it's illegal to own a pet rabbit unless you're a magician.

History Fact

That Ain’t Genetics

On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl disaster struck the Soviet Union when a nuclear plant released radiation pretty much everywhere after an explosion. Firemen were sent into the center of the radiation to extinguish the fire, and the radiation was so intense in this exclusion zone that one fireman’s eyes were said to turn from brown to blue.

Weird Laws


Junk collectors beware — in Hartford, it's illegal to collect "rags, paper, glass, old metal, junk, cinders or other waste matter in the city" without a license.

Food Thing

Mont d’Or

Cow’s milk; soft

Region of origin: Franche-Comté

Here’s a cheese that is as much an experience as it is a treat. Mont d’Or (also called Vacherin Mont d’Or or Vacherin du Haut-Daubs) is one of only a few French cheeses you have to eat with a spoon.

It is produced in the Jura region in Franche-Comté and has remained uniquely seasonal thanks to its AOC and AOP status, which determines the regulations for producing this cheese. Mont d’Or can only be made between August 15 and March 15, and sold from September 10 to May 10.

It is gooey, runny and sticky, and derives its woody aroma and nutty taste from the spruce bark container in which it is wrapped. If you get a really ripe Mont d’Or you can eat it straight out of the pot. Or bake it to bring out even more flavor.

Movie/TV Trivia

Kingsman: The Secret Service

In the film and trailer, when the new Kingsman recruits have their first night's sleep interrupted by a deluge of water pouring into the dorm, on-set the scene went horrifically wrong. As Matthew Vaughn recalls "I shouted 'action!', the computer got it wrong and vrrrrssshh, everyone was twenty feet down underwater. Cameras, sound guys... Guys were in waders full of water, panic, everyone diving in and pulling people out." The set, painstakingly planned and rehearsed using height markers and computer-programmed water tanks, washed away in a near-biblical flood when said computers went rogue. "Those actors weren't acting, they were absolutely terrified," shudders Vaughn. "It was awful for the first day of filming."

Movie/TV Quote

"Forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown."

Chinatown, 1974

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