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Preparation with activity versus non activity

Have you ever taken so much time to prepare, that you forget to act?

You can plan for everything in life, but you do not want to look back and realize that you ended up taking so much time planning that you did not end up doing anything.

An example would be your new years resolutions. You plan them out very methodically and how you can easily work them into your daily, weekly, or even monthly routine but then you never actually do them. You can set alarms for yourself or notes to help remind you to act but ignore them to the point where a sheet of paper or an alarm becomes nothing more then a sheet of paper or something that you can easily dismiss. It would be like getting a gym membership but ultimately never going to the gym or getting notebook to journal in but never writing in it.

I can say that I have fallen victim to this before, recently in fact. I put so much planning into a few goals in which I wanted to be doing, a few weeks have gone by and I was wondering why I have not seen any results. I knew I was consistently going over my goals and redefining them but no results. Then it came to me, I could spend more and more weeks planning out these goals and be redefining them until the end of time but how much does the wording of the goal matter when that is all that I am focusing on? Yes, part of forming a new habit is clearly defining it and using the correct words so you will want to be doing it as well as presenting it in such a way that you will want to start and continue working on the new habit. The most important part of any new habit is just to start.

Something that has helped me is to constantly remind myself that each day is a new day with no mistakes in. Treat each day like it is day one and not one day. Each day is different and is unique to itself, so I try to treat it as such. There are constantly new challenges that need to be done that I need to adjust to. Life is a constant experience with it’s up’s and downs.

The first step is always the hardest which is just to get started. You do not want to overload your self with too many options, start so many things that you don’t end up finishing anything. Take your time and see what works and does not work for you. Really do experiment and see what works. Change is hard and only you can see if the change is worth the results that you will see in the future. Consistency is key. Talk with those around you to get some suggestions as well as to see what they do tom combat this could be quite useful.

Prepare and act. Do not try just do and see what really works for you. What works best for others may not be the best thing for you. Know what is important to you and keep changing to best suit your life.

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