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If you have the money spend it? That is why it is there!

It is true that money does make things in life more enjoyable and easier? Money can make things go away generally as well as easier but should it?

Should you always spend your money or save it? Is it more the balancing act that you should be trying to create with money? Should you only spend your money on things that you will use and not on the products that you will not? What is the difference between a want and a need? What if you want something, thinking that you will use it but ultimately you don’t is it a good purchase? What if you think that there is a chance that you will use it but you don’t, should you still purchase it? When it comes to money is it just there to spend? What are the factors that you should consider when purchasing something? Should factors matter when you are purchasing something or just that you have the money to spend on it? Is money worth saving? If you are saving money are you living in the moment? The more you save the more you have? It is not what you have it is what you save? The more money you spend on something equals the quality of the item? The more lavish the lifestyle the more it is worth? Do you keep up with the ‘Jones’? Do you spend more then what you make in a year? Do you have any debt? Is having that one awesome experience worth the expenses that it is?

Do you ever feel socially pressured to spend money? Do you feel like you need to ‘stay face’ with anyone in your life? Do you appreciate the money that you do have and are earning? Do people hold the money that you have or make against you? Do you save up your money for a rainy day? Do you do your research when it comes to making a big purchase? Do you do more of your shopping online or in store? If money is there to spend how lavish do you get with your money?

I think that money is a tricky issue and it is up to you to decide what is best for you. I try to ask myself questions about if I really need something and how much I really need it before I go out and purchase something. Now I do majority of my spending online, but I do see myself going back to doing more of my shopping in store. I am not trying to spend my money at all as there is really nothing I need, just lots of wants. All my needs at met and I would love to go on a real lavish vacation and not have to say no to myself, so I need to ‘bunker down’ on my finances to be able to provide for myself in the near future. Really understanding how to make your money work for you is better then working for you money.

I hope you achieve all your financial goals.

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