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Zero Waste

Zero waste has seemed to be becoming popular again. There is nothing wrong with zero waste, recycling or purchasing things second hand. This does seem to be the best way to being zero waste and coming up with ideas of how to do this. The world needs all that you can do from now on. Any item that can be repurposed is always going to be the best thing for you to do.

Are you zero waste? What are your thoughts about zero waste? Do you shop with zero waste in mind? Would you or have you gone out and purchased some zero waste materials? Do you think that zero waste is something that we should be promoting?

Do you recycle? Does the place where you live allow you to recycle? Do you want to compost? Do you think that recycling is worth it? Do you think we should just be throwing our recyclables in to the trash?

Do you compost? Do you know how to compost? Does composting help the environment? Do you want to compost? Does the place where you live allow you to compost? Would you use your compost in gardening?

Do you purchase second-hand? Do you have your favourite second-hand shops? Do you donate items? Do you do swaps? How often do you second-hand shop? Would you rather purchase something second-hand or would you rather buy things firsthand? Are there certain items that you would not purchase second-hand?

Being zero waste is not for everyone, I do support the movement although I am not 100% zero waste. There are always more things that I can be doing with it but I currently have no ambition to do that. I enjoying that things are becoming better for the environment. Having a zero-waste home when you are living with someone who is not necessarily into the movement at the same level as you can be challenging at times as well.

There are somethings that I would prefer better like I am enjoying putting my clothes into the dryer versus hang drying them. There were some things that I was already doing that were zero waste like I have glass cups to drink out of, reusable bags when I go shopping as well as metal straws. I do have a cutlery kit that I have, that I can use if I am eating out as well as a reusable water bottle. The simple things that I was already had but did not consider them to be zero waste items have helped out a lot in many different ways.

I do have a lot of waste which composting would help but where I live doesn’t offer that pick-up service and I do not garden. Once I have composting where I live, I will be happy to start doing that, it would reduce the garbage that we do have.

I do purchase somethings second hand, but I do not purchase clothing second hand.

What are some of the things that you are doing to be zero waste? Do you want to be zero waste? What are some of the benefits of being zero waste that you can think of?

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